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Best Night Light or Lamp for Sleeping in 2021

best nightlight/lamp for sleeping

A good night’s sleep is fancied by everyone. Whatever age group you fall into, everyone needs a good amount of time to sleep to function properly and stay healthy. This can be achieved by having a proper routine and sleep cycle. Some people meditate before going to bed, some light scented candles, some listen to ASMR or music while some opt for nightlights/lamps.

A good night lamp can help you in more ways than you can imagine. It may seem like a very simple thing to have, but, owning one can indefinitely improve one’s life. You can put one in your child’s bedroom, or to illuminate your home to attain a peaceful ambiance. Through modern technology, there are so many viable options like binaural beats or white noise, from which you can choose the one for you.

Some people go for the conventional lamps while others may like the one that changes colors or the one that has a built-in speaker, it’s all a matter of one’s preferences. After quite thorough research, we have put together a list of the best nightlight/lamp for sleep to save your time and find you the lamp that perfectly caters to your needs.


While looking for an ideal nightlight, it is crucial that you weigh in all the important factors that are considered for an ideal lamp for your room.

Following are the factors that should definitely be considered:

Lamp Size

As simple as it may seem, the size of your nightlight should indefinitely be compatible with the size of your room. Buying a lamp that’s too big for your room is not suitable as well as buying one that’s too small for your bedroom. In order to make sure that it’s perfectly compatible, make sure that you compare it with the dimensions of your room so you don’t end up with a lamp that’s too big or too small.

Know your Lighting

A lot of people are not aware of this but there are five types of lighting. Natural, ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting. Natural lighting as the name suggests spreads natural light throughout the room and has mood-enhancing effects. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting illuminates the room.

Task lighting is ideal for when you have to perform certain tasks like reading or writing etc. Accent lighting also referred to as focal lighting, focuses the light on a particular object or space, to draw more attention to it. And lastly, decorative lighting is used to make everything more aesthetically pleasing. So, keep your priorities in mind while buying a lamp.

Variations in Lamps

There are so many types of nightlights that you can choose from depending upon what you desire. There are accent lamps, reading lamps, buffet lamps, and desk lamps.

Accent lamps are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing while on the other hand, reading lamps serve a more practical purpose. Buffet lamps are preferred for dinner parties and bring elegance to the room. Desk lamps are ideal for the office and are adjustable as well.

Height and Weight

Alignment of the bottom of the shade of your nightlight to your eye level is necessary as you don’t want the light to be too bright that it’s blinding to too dim that anything is barely visible. So make sure that the height of your night lamp is perfect for you.

The weight of the lamp is also an important element in buying an ideal lamp. If you’re someone who’s going to move the lamp around, you should buy the one that’s light in weight and easily portable. On the other hand, if you want it to be fixed in one place, buy the one that’s heavier.

Lamp Shade

Lampshade is not considered by a lot of people but it is a key component in bringing the entire room together. It is not only considered for aesthetical purposes but it also determines how the light spreads throughout the room. Lamp shades depend upon the shape of your lamp. Round shades usually go with lamps with round bodies and vice versa.

Also, there are different materials in which lamp shades are available and they determine the spread of the light. The hard-backed shade makes the room seem brighter whereas the soft-backed shade makes the light pass through the walls.

Lamps for Everyone

If you want a lamp for your child to help them fall asleep better or for safety reasons, you can easily find one. There are lamps for everyone depending upon what you’re looking for. If you want a lamp with a USB port and built-in speakers, you can find one.

If you want one that changes light or just for enhancing the overall look of your room, or for therapeutic purposes, you can easily find one. Make sure to know what you really want and then buy the one you fancy.

Now that you are crystal clear about the buying guide, we have compiled a list of the top 10 nightlights/lamps for you.

Best Nightlights/Lamps for Sleeping

1- Windsor Seasons Hand Crafted Natural Large 9-Inch Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Technical details:

This one of a kind lamp is made from pure Himalayan crystal rock of the highest quality. Due to its excellent health benefits, it’s good for people looking for a therapeutic lamp that helps maintain a stress-free environment. The Himalayan rock salt lamp has great benefits as it not only detoxifies and purifies the air, balances electromagnetic radiation but it also exhibits a beautiful glow as it is carved internally and externally. It also helps one sleep better and enhances the mood as well.

Its beautiful warm glow brings a whole new look to the room. It illuminates the room with soft lighting. Hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains, these lamps come in different shapes created by their top-notch craftsmen.

It weighs around 3.5 kilograms and has a genuine neem wood base, 6 ft. UL approved cord with dimmer switch, 15w bulb, and wood base attached to the salt lamp. This amber-colored lamp has a corded electric power source, a bulb of 120 volts and a maximum compatible wattage of 15 watts.

The lighting is adjustable as well, so you can set the tone of the room the way you like it.

All in all, this is an excellent lamp that will help you in plenty of ways and is definitely worth buying.


2- Baby Night Light, Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights with 16 Colors

Technical details:

This night light is ideal for kids and nursing mothers. Designed with soft silicone and a natural wooden base, it is definitely environment-friendly. An unexposed bulb eliminates the hazard of the lamp becoming too hot to touch. Adjustable brightness makes it easy for you to adjust the lighting. It is created with a DC5V low wattage version and a built-in 4-pcs LED on a wooden base.

Not only it comes with 4 different lighting modes and 5 different brightness levels but it also has a feature of 16 different colors so that you can have multiple options to choose from depending upon what you fancy. It contains a USB port as well so you can power the night light. It has an input voltage of 5V and is 5.3×5.1×5.1” in size.

An excellent pick for nursing mothers/mothers/kids as the lamp has a soft warm glow. The brightness is just enough for the baby to sleep soundly without it being too harsh. This cost-effective lamp comes with a smart remote control as well.

If you’re a mother and in need of a night light for your kids to comfort them at night or need one for diaper changes or to feed your baby, this lamp will indefinitely meet your needs.

3- LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids: Baby Girl Gifts, Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

Technical details:

Nightlights that help your kids fall asleep easily are a must and this night light helps you do so. It has a very calming soft glow that helps comfort your child throughout the night. Being suitable for all age groups, it is safe and gentle as well. This lamp is battery operated but can also be recharged using a USB cable as it has a built-in USB port and has a battery timing that lasts up to 20 hours.

With its changing colors option, you can change the color of your night light from white to any other. It is portable as well and your kids will adore carrying it around the house. The availability of remote control helps you control glow color, brightness and sleep timer.

Made with high quality, non-toxic, washable silicone material, it’s definitely a very safe option for your kids. Just tap the lumipet and select from 8 different glow colors.

This lamp has been proven to be a great option for kids. If your kid gets upset during the night and is restless, purchasing this lamp will help them fall asleep.


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4- ACED 7.1 Inch Large Moon Lamp Touch Sensor Control Color Changing Dimmable Baby Night Light

Technical details:

This lamp has two brightness levels, dim to bright, warm white (3000K), daylight white (4000K) and cold white (6000K), and of beautiful colors as well to enhance the room the way you like it. Brightness is easily adjustable using the smart button or the remote control.

It features a built-in rechargeable battery that powers the lamp for 4 plus hours. It also comes along with a built-in USB port as well. 2 hours of power time saves power and turns off automatically.

ACED lighting enhances the mood. Built-in memory light function remembers your settings and displays it the way it was before. This portable lamp is a touch lamp as well. It is 6.8×6.8×6.8” in size. It shatters resistant with a voltage of 110 volts.

Beautiful colors tie the entire room together and are perfect for dinner parties, birthdays or just as a night light. It is definitely an excellent gift for parents as well as children. Being affordable, having various light settings, and being extremely aesthetically pleasing, this lamp might be the ideal lamp for you.


5- LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light

Technical details:

Numerous functions and ideal design makes it a beautiful gift for children.

Using colors and numerous facial expressions, this lamp indicates when it is time to wake up or go to bed. Yellow glow indicates it’s time to wake up, half an hour before your set time. Green indicates it’s time to wake up.

The availability of five-night colors and three sleep sound option helps your child sleep soundly. It also has three alarm sounds and a silent countdown to be functional in older kid’s timed activities as well.

This lamp has been declared completely safe for children and has a warranty of one year.

It comes with a battery and should be plugged in, in order for it to function. It is 4.25×4.25×4.5” in dimension. It also has 5 brightness and 5 volume settings. The nap timer is also ideal for countdowns. The back-up battery helps in the events of a power outage.

The unique design helps soothes children and color displays help them to learn as well. It is a very good option for parents who need a nightlight for their kids and helps them sleep better.


6- Touch Control Table Lamp Bedside Minimalist Desk Lamp

Technical details:

This lamp adds a beautiful glow to the room and is 5.51 inch/140mm diameter, 17.52 inch/445mm high in total (lampshade height: 13.78 inch/350mm) with a 59 Inch/1500mm plug-in power cord.

The simple and elegant design makes it impossible to resist. It is trendy and minimalistic as well, hence ideal for your room, dinner parties, nursing room, college dorm, etc. Soft lighting enhances the mood and makes the room aesthetically pleasing. This touch control lamp comes with four settings (low, medium, high, off). It is safe, durable and sturdy due to its touch control option. This metal lamp has a wattage of 60 watts.

It also features a 2700K (6W) vintage led Edison bulb, hence, no flicking, dazzling or energy-wasting. TC cloth shade filters the light to have a soft effect on the eyes, preventing it from being too harsh and blinding. It is easy to assemble as well, just four steps and voila! You’re done.

Upping the factor of peaceful ambiance and creating a beautiful warm glow, this lamp might definitely be the one you need.


7- Touch Control Table Lamp Bedside 3 Way Dimmable Touch Desk Lamp Modern Nightstand Lamp

Technical details:

This trendy lamp’s dimensions are 5.12″(L)*5.12″(W)*14.37″(H) in total, lampshade height: 11.02 inch/280mm, cord length: 59 Inch/1500mm. Due to its small size, you can fit it anywhere, be it your room, hall, college dorm or just a night light on your table.

This touch control lamp has a feature of four different brightness options (low, medium, high, off). To use the touch feature, simply tap on the top or side of the lamp. The touch feature offers convenience to use the lamp.

Not only it’s beautiful to look at, but it is also safe on the eyes as well. The blinding light is prevented by using a double-layered linen shade and displays just the right amount of light. Brown colored base and beige toned lamp shade make it a perfect choice to enhance the room. It is easy to assemble as well.

This lamp also features a 2700K (6W) vintage led Edison bulb, equivalent to 60W incandescent. So, you won’t be bothered by any flicking, dazzling, heat output or energy wastage.

To sum up, this lamp will be an ideal choice if you want to add a beautiful trendy touch to the room. It is also safe, trendy and durable so you can have it all in one lamp.


8- Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Technical details:

This multifunctional night light offers a variety of features. It serves as a night light, a sound machine and through your phone, you can also use the time to rise alert which also acts as an alarm clock. Adjustable color, brightness, sound and volume level are the options also available in this lamp. It is 4x4x6.2” in dimensions.

It has a very soothing effect on newborns and kids as it generates a calming light. Toddler control feature makes it safe and it even stays cool throughout the night as well to really ensure safety. Due to its multiple settings option, you can set the settings the way you like it to help your kid get a perfect sleep.

One can easily operate this night light through their smartphone as well so saving you from the hassle to go into your kid’s room every single time, to change the settings.

This lamp is well built and would be a great gift for parents as well as children. Children can use this night light to sleep peacefully in the dark and parents can use this to make their lives a little easier.


9- Mr. Beams MB710 LED Nightlight, Wireless, Battery-Powered, Motion-Sensing

Technical details:

This unique nightlight is 4.2×0.9×2.5” in dimensions. It comes in a pack of 6 and requires AAA batteries to function. Since it is battery powered, it is portable as well, thus saving you from the trouble of not being able to carry it around your place.

It is sleek, modern and minimalistic in style. A unique diffuser diffuses the light evenly, thus illuminating a greater area of your room. Auto shut-off, motion activator, and light sensors play a major role in increasing battery life. The life expectancy of the batteries up-to one year with an average use of 8 activations a day.

This nightlight is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any wires or electricians. This modern lamp has a plastic material and comes with a warranty of one year. Features like extended battery time and motion sensors make it worth buying. This light is excellent for lighting stairways as well.

If you’re looking for a nightlight that is very trendy and minimalistic, go for this one. It has all the cool features that you might be looking for. Motion sensors and extended battery life make it hard to let go of this lamp.


10- Maxxima LED Multi-Color Red, White, and Blue LED Night Light

Colorful nightlight exhibits different colors from LEDs like red, white or blue so it can glow according to the color that you like. It also has a dusk to dawn feature, so it can automatically glow in the dark. Since it comes in a pack of two, you can easily switch colors.

It is perfect for bedroom, dinner parties, birthday parties, stairways, etc. being UL approved, it comes with a one year warranty. LED light source displays beautiful colors.

It is 10x5x2” in dimensions and has a plug-in electric power source. Its red light is very soothing and is an ideal night light to sleep in. Red light is also very helpful in enhancing your night vision so it’s definitely an all-rounder.

In a nutshell, if you’re someone who enjoys nightlights that display different colors and are durable as well, this lamp should be your go-to option.


Lamps or nightlight definitely play a major role in defining the overall look of your room. They can also be a huge determining factor of a peaceful and a good night’s sleep. In this list, we dived in deep to find the lamp, perfect for you or your kid. If you’re looking for a nightlight to serve the purpose of a soothing ambiance, you’re most likely to find one on the list.

Or, if you’re searching for an ideal nightlight for your kids to calm them at night, you’ll find that too. Just make sure to keep the buying guide in mind before purchasing the night light.

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