Best Binaural Beats App for Android and iOS 2021

Best Binaural Beats Apps

You can find tons of binaural beats app on the internet. They are available on Google PlayStore as well as Apple’s App Store. You can also find them in the form of MP3 on Amazon but Apps are a much easier way to listen on the go!

For those who don’t know…

What is a Binaural Beat?

When you listen to a tone with a slightly different frequency then your brain processes a beat on the difference of these frequencies this beat is called as the binaural beat.


Let us take an example, suppose you are listening to a tone with different frequencies. In one ear it is 205 Hz and in the other ear, it is 198 Hz. Then instead of playing this tone at different frequencies, your brain will synchronize these frequencies and you will hear the same beat at 7 Hz (the difference of both the frequencies).

But there are also some conditions for the binaural beats. Which are given as follows:

  • The difference between both frequencies must be 30 Hz or Less than it. If it is greater than 30 Hz then it will not be called a binaural beat.
  • Second is that you have to listen to the different frequencies separately means each frequency it separate ears.

Learn more about binaural beats here.

The binaural beats are also used in the music industry and these beats are also used to tune instruments like piano, guitar, and other things also.

Importance in Our Life

So, why are these beats important in our life? As you know today in this world human being is going from a lot of stress and h don’t have proper time to meditate and get relax and leave all of his tension aside. So, binaural beats can help here. You can listen to these anywhere and at any time for just a couple of minutes and you will feel relaxed and you will have a much greater day.

Benefits of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats have a lot of benefits, they are used in a vast way. These beats are also used for meditation purposes and let use to meditate more quickly. Binaural beat help in a number of ways like

  • It reduces anxiety
  • Increase focus
  • Increase in Concentration
  • Help to relieve pain
  • Foster positive moods
  • Help us to relieve stress
  • Help during meditation
  • Help us to relax our body


Meditation helps us to stay relax. During meditation, our random thoughts are gone and we are only focusing on the state in which we can find relax. Meditation helps us reduce our anxiety, reduce stress from our brain. So, doing a proper meditation every single time and every single is very difficult to do. So, people turn to science and technology, if they can bring something to help people with that.

So, science came up with the idea of the binaural beats. If a binaural beat is produced between 1-30 Hz then it will produce the same brain wave pattern which is created in meditation. When you hear the different frequencies at the same time then your brain will synchronize with that frequency and will help us to enter the state of meditation.

Best Binaural Beats for You

Do you want to meditate but you can’t find yourself in peace with the current binaural beat you have lying around don’t worry it must be not perfect for you? You have to find a beat that is perfect for you. For this, you just need a pair of headphones or earbuds. And then you can find the binaural beat varying at different frequencies. You can also find the beats on the binaural app which I am going to discuss later. SO, here the benefits of different binaural beats varying on the frequencies.

  • Delta (1-4) Hz
    The binaural beat varying from the range of 1-4 is best for deep sleep and is also best for relaxation.
  • Theta (4-8) Hz
    This range of beats is linked with REM sleep, reduce anxiety, help to relax and help in mediation and in creative states.
  • Alpha (8-13) Hz
    The alpha (4-8 Hz) frequencies are used to encourage relaxation, help to promote positivity and decrease anxiety problems.
  • Beta (14-30 Hz)
    These types of beats help us to increase our concentration and help us to stay alert and in problem-solving. I also help us to improve our memory.

By listening to these different types of binaural beats you can find a one that can help you to keep calm and free from stress and anxiety. Well, all of these beats have their own separate functions and help us to stay relax and also help us in mediation.

You should give a try to binaural beats if you never have listened to one before.

Best Binaural Apps for Android

You can find some of the best binaural apps over the Android platform. And the important thing is that they are absolutely free. Below is the list of some famous binaural app for you

1- Binaural Beats Therapy

Binaural Beats Therapy Android App


Binaural beats Therapy app is one of the apps for binaural beats. It comes up with 7 preloaded binaural beats with very precise frequency difference. When you are playing a beat on the app the app screen just shows bubbles of a different color or it will show you just different colors. The animation is not that good but the sound quality in the app is very great.

2- Brainwave Tuner Lite

Brainwave Tuner Advance


This is also an amazing app on the main screen it gives you three options to choose “Sleep and Healing”,” Meditation and Relaxation” and, “Focus and learning”. You can choose any option from above of the following option and you can enjoy the beats according to the option you have selected. It shows the much better screen as compare to the other app while playing the music. It also has a high-quality sound.


3- Binality

Binality Android App


In this app, you can choose from many of the options to play a binaural beat for you. Some of these options include concentration, lucid dreaming, meditation, pain, relief, and many other programs. The good thing about this app is that it also shows you the live frequency when the tome is playing. It also consists of a time slider bar at the bottom of the screen so, if you want to skip at some time you can do it.

4- edenBeats

Eden Beats Android Binaural App


This is also a great app for binaural beats. There are not many options to choose from the list. But with the Eden beats app you can adjust the frequency and the bass on each of the tone you can you adjust to your taste. If you want to create your own tone then you can make it too in the Eden beats app.


5- Confidence Now

This is so far the best app for a binaural beat because it is created by certified hypnotherapist David Ridgeway. When you open the app for the first time then you have to download heavy files to run the app. These files contain all the binaural beats for you. This app includes the option of relaxation, hypnotic induction and the session of “improve your confidence” by David Ridgeway.

We are not going to leave our iOS users alone. Here are some of the best apps to listen to binaural beats on the Apple Store.

Best Binaural app for IOS

The following are the best binaural app you can find on the Apple Store.

1- Brain Wave-35

brainwave 35 Binaural Beats iOS app


This is an app created by the banzai lab and they have put a lot of effort into it. This app is probably the best app as compared to others. In this app, you can choose any tone from 35 programs and can play background music of your choice which is from iTunes or from your podcasts.

2- 100 Binaural Beats and Isochoric Tones

100 Icsochronic Tones iOS app


This app is made by the tesla software. This company has also made a lot of great apps. This app contains 100 binaural tones form which you can choose any one of your choices. Basically, this app has only 50 tones they have duplicate then and said that they also work on the speakers but in reality, it doesn’t.


3- Binaural

It is a modern app and it is free of cost but it includes in-app purchase form which you can unlock features like mood colour and much more. It is not that kind of fancy it has simple tones to which you can listen to.


I this article we have learned about the binaural beats and why they are important and what are their benefits and from where you can find the best binaural beats app. Please let me know about your thoughts on this article.

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