8 Incredible Benefits of Sleeping without a Pillow

benefits of sleeping without a pillow
A lot of people are used to sleeping with a lot of pillows. Some of us even, use 2 3 pillows in order to fall asleep. We create this idea in our heads, the more the pillows, and the merrier. We think that we would be more comfortable with more pillows. The truth, however, is different.

Sleeping with a lot of pillows can be comfortable for a short while, but, in the long run, it can be really bad for your health and posture. A lot of people, who have complaints regarding the spine, neck, or back pain, often are the ones who use a lot of pillows in order to fall asleep.

Sleeping without a pillow helps in keeping your head flat. This leads to reduced stress on your neck and promotes better alignment. Choosing the right mattress also helps, as you’d be sleeping without a pillow and you’d want your body to be relaxed. A mattress that’s too soft will most likely cause back pain.

In the start, you can get an affordable sleeper sofa or a cheaper sectional sofa, to start practicing sleeping without a pillow.

We cannot underestimate the health benefits of not using a pillow. I know that it’ll be hard sleeping without it, for the first couple of nights, but, based on my personal experience, you will get there eventually. You are in control of the body and it’s so amazing how it works.

You could always train it the way you to. If you’re thinking about doing it, start by putting a towel or a folded blanket. This will help you to transition over time to going pillow free.

The following are the proven health benefits of sleeping without a pillow:

Prevents Back Pain

This is a pretty common one. But it is known and proven that sleeping without a pillow prevents back pain. One of the main reasons why people suffer from back pain is bad posture. This could be due to the wrong pillow choice.

People who choose pillows that work against the natural curve of their spine have more curvature of the spine which results in back pain. Sleeping without a pillow is a whole lot better for you back than sleeping with the wrong pillow.

Prevents Neck Pain

It’s crucial that when we sleep, our neck should be in parallel alignment with the mattress. We know that when we sleep with our head on a pillow, our head either pushes the neck upward or is bent down, which is one of the many causes of frustrating neck pain.

A wrong pillow choice will not only worsen your sleeping posture, but it will also give you bad neck pains, which is why you should try to sleep without a pillow. Contrarily, without a pillow, your head will rest naturally and it will also prevent nerve damage.

Furthermore, it also helps in relaxing strained neck muscles.

Prevents Wrinkles and Acne

This might seem like an odd one but, sleeping without a pillow actually prevents acne and wrinkles. While sleeping on your side, your face rests on the pillow. Now that pillow may contain bacteria and dust particles which can, in turn, clog your pores, resulting in breaking you out.

Without a pillow, you won’t face this problem. Wrinkles can also be prevented if you don’t use a pillow. If you are one of the stomach sleepers, your face rests on the pillow causing you to put all the pressure on one side of your face.

This constant pressure and tugging can eventually lead to wrinkles which can be avoided if you don’t use pillows.

Prevents Stress

If you’re someone who is frequently stressed out while falling asleep or you find yourself struggling to get comfortable, it could be because of a wrong pillow choice.  This may cause you to sleep in the wrong sleeping position, thus resulting in stressing you out.

You might find yourself lost in thoughts of an inability to sleep properly and the reason why it is happening, and, as a result, you stress yourself out. Hence, you must try sleeping without a pillow so that there is no room for stress.

Through this method, your stress levels will naturally decrease.

Improves Bone Alignment

Sleeping without a pillow, not only improves your posture, but it also helps in keeping your bones aligned and bringing your posture back to normal. Our posture matters a lot. It could be a make or break situation.

People with a bad posture are usually slouching and often judged as not confident. A good posture is good not only for preventing back pain but also makes you look super confident.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleeping without a pillow improves your overall sleep quality. If you thought that sleeping well is all about sleeping with a soft pillow to have maximum support to your neck and head, you are definitely mistaken.

Research has proven that sleeping without a pillow can improve the overall quality of your sleep.

Improves Memory

When we sleep, our brain turns off and it’s our time to shut down and recharge ourselves. Sleeping with a wrong pillow won’t help you do so.

You could be stressed throughout the night, might wake up tired and grumpy which will, in turn, cause sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation causes memory loss. So in order to improve your memory, ditch that sleep back pillow.

Prevents Double Chin

Sleeping without a pillow improves posture as mentioned above but it also prevents double chin. It stops the pressure on your jaw and chin thus preventing double chin. If you want that snatched jawline, you need to get rid of that pillow.

We hope that this article helped you. Now, that you know how healthy and beneficial it is to sleep without a pillow, you should try it and see the wonders it does for you.


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