30 Most Successful ASMR Roleplay and Video Ideas [+Infographic]

ASMR Roleplay and Video Ideas.
ASMR has become so widespread that it has crossed over 4 Million Monthly visitors searching for it on YouTube and on search engines like Google and Bing.

While some only watch it because it helps them to sleep and while some, on the other hand, watch it to get rid of anxiety and depression.

Most of the beginners find it pretty difficult to write an ASMR video script or to generate new ideas to engage the viewers more effectively.

We have arranged this list of ASMR Roleplay and ASMR Video Ideas for beginners and those ASMR artists who are struggling to find a script fit for them. From this list of 25+ ASMR Roleplay Ideas, I am pretty sure you will be able to find the best match for yourself and it will certainly pave way for more visitors to your YouTube channel.

As it became more and more popular, it has opened a whole new dimension of generating passive income sitting at your home making ASMR Videos.

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Here’s a small infographic about ASMR Ideas

ASMR Roleplay and Video Ideas Scripts Infographic


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Before going through the list let’s have a look at some of the common ASMR terms…

What is Personal Attention ASMR?

As the name suggests, ‘Personal Attention ASMR’ are those ASMR Videos in which the ASMR artist gives some type of attention to the listener by playing some type of “Role”.

The Roles most commonly include playing doctor, masseur, hypnotist, career counsellor, friend or any other role. The role is played in a way so to maintain the listener/viewer as the center point of conversation; hence the term ‘Personal Attention’.

Without further adieu, let’s move on to finding the Cool ASMR Roleplay Video Ideas to get a general concept of what most people like.

Cool ASMR Ideas About Roleplay Scripts

1- Makeup Roleplay ASMR Idea

  • It includes playing the role of Makeup Artist (MUA).
  • You can apply makeup to your client. The technique is to rub the brush on the microphone to create a sound identical to rubbing the brush on the cheeks.
  • This Roleplay idea is favourite among women and some men have also found their first tingling experience listening to it.
  • However, a huge competition is present in the market with some established popular ASMR artists.
  • Examples: ASMR Darling,GentleWhisperings

2- Doctor/Nurse Role Play

  • Includes playing the role of a nurse or a doctor and treating the viewer/listener.
  • Gentle whispering and by beating specific instruments like tuning fork near the microphone
  • Examples: ASMR Darling, HeatherFeather 

3- Ear Piercing Role Play

  • Includes you playing the role of and Ear Piercer performing ear piercing on the listener/viewer.
  • Example :TerraDiASMR – an exciting ear-piercing role play

4- EMDR Roleplay

  • EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is basically psychotherapy in which certain techniques are used to reduce the distress caused by traumatic memories.
  • Example: Karuna Satori ASMR – a nice example of EMDR ASMR

5- Eye Examination

  • It involves you playing the role of an eye specialist.
  • Involves examining the eye of the customer in front of the camera in a gentle low voice.
  • Example: Freds Voice ASMR

6- Haircut Role Play

  • It involves you working as a barber and using scissors to generate exciting sound effects to reflect a real hair-cutting experience
  • Usually needs a binaural ASMR Microphone
  • Example: Matty Tingles ASMR – a popular haircut video gathering more than 2M views

7- Hypnotist Role Play

  • You play the role of a hypnotist and uses your finger or a rotating clock to try to hypnotize the person. We have also explained the relation of hypnosis and ASMR on our website.
  • For ASMR, certain tingling sounds and gentle whispering often enhance this effect.
  • Example: Chakra Bot – a relatively old video that shows how it can be done

8- Massage Roleplay

  • Massage Videos can be done in two ways.
  • The first one is you giving massage to someone and recording it using a microphone and a camera.
  • The second way is to create those scratching, rubbing and tapping sounds on a microphone to create massage type of sounds which are pretty soothing for the listener.
  • Example: MassageASMR – a channel dedicated to making relaxing body massage videos

9- Music Store / DVD Collection Roleplay

  • You have a huge collection of DVDs or audio CDs and you are suggesting the customer which music CD or DVD to buy in a nice and soothing voice.
  • Example: Gothick Whispers – You can get pretty cool ideas like this from this channel

10- Teaching Origami

  • You are teaching origami to the viewer in a nice and soothing voice.
  • At the start, you do not necessarily have to be an origami expert but you should know a couple of tricks and useful tips.
  • With time you should be able to evolve and bring in new ideas.
  • Example: Gibi ASMR has a cool video about origami ASMR

11- Reading Love Poetry

  • If you are interested in poetry then you can also make an ASMR channel about it.
  • Love poetry, when spoken in a soft and soothing manner, sounds really comforting to the ears.
  • Example: This video from Karuna Satori is a good representation of this concept.

12- Career Counselling Roleplay

  • You play the role of a career counsellor and guiding the viewer about different fields.
  • The good thing about these types of scripts is that it can be done for every type of age group and gender.
  • You just have to make it interesting and only a good script can do that.
  • Example: Here is a nice example of this idea from ASMR Angel. It can further be extended to be a whole channel about it.

13- Spa Role Play

  • It involves you providing different Spa services.
  • It could be facial, manicure, pedicure, foot massage, scalp massage  – All of these things can easily be done on the microphone.
  • Example: ASMR Darling has a nice 40 minutes long video about it.

14- Card Reading

  • You play the role of a fortune teller.
  • There are certain tarot cards available and you read them through in a soft voice and tell the viewer about his/her future.
  • It can be done without recording your face and by just recording your hands and the cards.
  • Example: Heather Feather ASMR  – involves card shuffling, face touching, and personal attention

15- Tattoo Consultation Roleplay

  • You are a tattoo expert and suggest the customer about different types of tattoo which could look cool according to their body types.
  • Or you could create a realistic Tattoo Experience just like a haircut ASMR using tattoo machine and microphone
  • Example: Scottish Murmurs has a really nice realistic Tattoo experience video

16- Therapist Roleplay

  • There are a number of Therapist Roleplay videos available on YouTube but still, there is plenty of spaces where you can excel as an ASMR artist.
  • Because there are a lot of aspects of therapy, you could just pick one aspect and make a whole channel about it.
  • Example: ASMRrequests

17- Sexual Roleplay Idea

  • It is really a trending topic and will always be a hot topic to dive into. It has a lot of potentials and most of the people find it really soothing.
  • You could make certain situations or scripts like Dude That’s Lewd ASMR does.
  • Or just make some really soothing sexual videos. There are a number of videos like these available for you to get an idea on youtube.

18- Teacher Role Play

  • Another topic with a lot of potential. There are a number of topics that can be taught.
  • You should start with the thing in which you are good at, and make a whole series about it to gather more audience
  • Example: Gibi ASMR

19- Cook/Chef Roleplay

  • You have to be quite creative to make cooking-related ASMR videos.
  • This topic already has a lot of competition so you have to be quite unique and creative to make cool ASMR triggers sounds using kitchen items.
  • Example: Fairy Char

20- Zombie Roleplay

  • You are portraying as the only one left after a Zombie Apocalypse but finally, get to know there are also other ones left.
  • Example: Zombie Apocalypse

21- Travel Agent Roleplay

22- Camping ASMR Roleplay

  • You are alone camping in cold chilly weather and find someone sitting by the fire. This is just one idea I just gave you. You can recreate a number of videos like this.
  • Example: GoodNightMoon Camping ASMR

23- Motivation ASMR Roleplay

  • You can utter some cool motivational quotes in a nice soothing voice along with positive affirmations. This can easily be done by using some good Binaural ASMR Microphone.
  • Example: Here is a video by Gibi related to positive affirmations ASMR

24- Dealing with Anxiety ASMR Idea

  • There are a number of videos out there for those suffering from anxiety and depression. ASMR has proved to be a really great help for them.
  • This can be done by deep breathing and by tapping to make tingly sounds.
  • Example: Ephemeral Rift

25- Caring Friend Roleplay ASMR Idea

  • At some point, we all need a way to get out of our usual lives and make new friends.
  • Hence, you can make a video about being a caring friend and taking care of the viewer.
  • You can motivate him/her and point out the positive aspects. This can be done generally by commenting on the looks etc.
  • Example: Lily Whispers has a cool video about it

26- Gentle Face Treatment ASMR Idea

  • Just like Massage and Spa treatment, this can also be done.
  • It is not a roleplay but a general ASMR video idea.
  • It can be done in the same way as massage and spa videos by tapping, brushing and rubbing the mic to make beautiful and soothing sounds
  • Example: Mr. Blue

27- Playing with Lego

  • Building some type of structure using Legos with or without any intentional sounds
  • Narrating whatever you do while playing with Lego
  • Example: Something like this

28- Mouth Sounds

  • These can include lips smacking, saliva sounds (i know it sounds weird but there are people out there who actually get ASMR while listening to this)
  • Example: Watch this

29- Zombie Apocalypse ASMR Roleplay

  • Basically, you write a script about either being the last survived ones after a zombie apocalypse or you have just seen zombies coming and you are rushing to hide and seeking shelter. It all depends on your creativity on how you play the situation and act it out.
  • My Fav 😉 : Gibi

30- Goth Roleplay

  • This is suitable for those who are really good with makeup and stuff and can really give themselves that dark gothic outlook
  • Example: Watch this



So, ladies and gentlemen, these were some of the trending and hot ASMR Roleplay and Video Ideas. ASMR has some really cool benefits and it has been proven to be really beneficial for your mental health as well.

Hope you liked them. We will be constantly updating this list so feel free to come back here again to get some of ASMR Roleplay Scripts Ideas.

If you have any idea, feel free to drop a comment below!

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