Cool Benefits of ASMR Tingles – Is ASMR Good for You?

ASMR Benefits
Peaceful night’s sleep is enjoyed by everyone whether its children, teens or adults, everyone needs a good amount of sleep to function properly.

Everyone is too busy and invested in other life activities these days that they very often neglect their health, which should always be their first priority.

Taking care of one’s mental and physical health varies from person to person. Some like to work-out while others like to do yoga, some put relaxing nightlights in their bedroom, and some go for ASMR.

In recent years ASMR has become very popular, and a vast majority of people find it to be extremely soothing and helpful.

ASMR, which is abbreviated for autonomous sensory meridian response, is an excellent way through which one can improve their health or fall asleep. It is meant to be relaxing and soothing, creating a perfect balance in one’s mind. It is also excellent at elevating stress and anxiety. It’s been a burning question among a lot of people that how does ASMR even works and why it is so beneficial. In this article, we answer all those questions.


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, aka ASMR, is a feeling experienced by people in response to a specific gentle stimulus i.e., a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the spine along with the back of a neck that is often produced by hearing some particular sounds. Most of the sounds affect the mirror neurons, thus making a person feels like he/she is actually experiencing it; the sound of tapping, hair brushing makes a person get a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Read more about ASMR!


There are a lot of ASMR triggers as well, such as whispering, soft talking, scratching and tapping, physical touch, personal affection, hair-play, page-turning, or the simple sound of rain.

ASMR triggers vary from person to person, but they have proven to be really effective among a lot of people. You can go online and find plenty of YouTube channels or apps dedicated entirely to ASMR.

Have a look at this cool video of 100+ Triggers by ASMR Darling:

ASMR Benefits – Proven By Science

Since we have addressed the question regarding the working of ASMR, now, we shall discuss the benefits of ASMR and why it is always trending.

Reduced Stress Levels

The most well-known benefit of ASMR is that it majorly reduces stress levels. Not only that, but ASMR benefits also include improved blood flow, improved digestion, improving mood, and a key mechanism of weight loss.

Improved Sleep

ASMR’s benefits also include improved sleep since most of the triggers mentioned above are known to induce sleep. The significance of sleep for your overall health cannot be over-emphasized, particularly in this fast-paced world where everything seems to be moving twice as fast as it should.

Advantages of ASMR Proven by Research

“Researchers reveal the phenomenon of ASMR videos may have a positive physiological effect on viewers. The study reports those who experience ASMR have lower heart rates while watching the videos, as well as an increase in positive emotions. ASMR is the sensation experienced by some people in response to specific sights and sounds, described as a warm, tingling, and pleasant sensation starting at the crown of the head and spreading down the body,” the University of Sheffield

People Experiencing ASMR have lower heart rates

Recently, a study was also conducted to deduce the effects of ASMR on different people. The conclusions drawn from the study were that people who participated in watching ASMR videos felt calmer and had lower heart rates than those in the control group who did not engage in ASMR. The experiment also revealed that people who experienced ASMR had a much slower heart rate while watching ASMR videos as compared to those who had never experienced the brain sensations. They said that they experienced the lowest levels of sadness and feelings of stress.

It has also been observed that ASMR also has a positive impact on people who experience sleeplessness and insomnia. A recently published research also stated that 41% of the participants indicated that they watch ASMR videos to help them fall asleep. 82% of participants watched ASMR videos to help them sleep.

Another ongoing study showed that the majority of participants reported that ASMR helps them to fall asleep, and about half of those diagnosed with insomnia reported that ASMR helps them with their condition. It was also revealed that. About one-fifth of those with ADD or ADHD reported that ASMR helps them to focus. In 2015, published research at Barratt et al. discovered that 42% of participants with chronic pain believed that watching ASMR videos had an effect on their symptoms.

82% of participants watched ASMR to help them fall asleep!


ASMR undoubtedly has a lot of health benefits, like the ones mentioned above. It’ll definitely bring a positive change in your life. One can simply relieve themselves of stress, anxiety, insomnia/sleeplessness or fatigue by simply going for ASMR.  Some people might think it’s a hoax, but ASMR has proven to be extremely beneficial.  Surely, a lot of people will not agree with it, but we suggest to actually try it once and see it for yourself, how helpful ASMR can be in improving the overall quality of your life.

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